The Bella Mama Life is not about having the perfect pregnancy, because the "perfect pregnancy" doesn't exist.

You can have a very healthy and happy pregnancy, but pregnancy is a time of many emotions - and many unknowns outside of our control. But, I believe it's how we react to the challenges we face and what we do with them that determine our ultimate experience. 

My pregnancy was far from perfect. 

I had my own hurdles to overcome during that time, so I can definitely relate to any anxiety or confusion you may be experiencing.

First up, I didn’t think I could ever become pregnant.

I was told by doctors that it would be impossible for me to become pregnant without medical intervention because I had an autoimmune disease called Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). I had cysts on my ovaries which threw my hormones out of whack and I battled with cystic acne, bloating, digestive issues and irregular periods (as in, I had three periods in five years!!!)

Although I had learnt to manage PCOS with healthy eating and lifestyle choices, my fertility was still severely affected. 

I slowly came to terms with never becoming pregnant.

Despite these dark days, I continued to make healthier choices about the food I ate and tried to live an active lifestyle when I could.

And then out of nowhere in November 2015, we conceived my son. I had to take six pregnancy tests at home because I couldn’t believe the test was positive!

Making our announcement with our 12-week ultrasound!

Making our announcement with our 12-week ultrasound!

My pregnancy was classified as "high risk" when I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes.

When I first found out my pregnancy was "high risk", I was devastated.

I feared that I wouldn't have a healthy pregnancy or that my baby would be born with complications associated with gestational diabetes.

Despite my fear, I was more determined than ever to make healthier choices for my baby's development and look after my body so I could have a better transition into motherhood after the birth.

It turned out having a high-risk pregnancy was a blessing in disguise. It was a powerful part of my journey of letting go of the things I could not control, and staying positive about what was within my realm of control.

I was able to use mindful eating and movement to have the pregnancy and birth I dreamed of... and so much more.

Despite having gestational diabetes, I gained a healthy amount of weight during pregnancy. I was then able to lose this weight quickly and effortlessly after birth.

Most importantly, my son was born healthy after an incredible, uncomplicated birth. My labor was also unmedicated (no drugs), which is almost unheard of in high-risk pregnancies.

I can say that I experienced first-hand the power of making healthier choices during pregnancy to have a healthy pregnancy, a strong and healthy transition into motherhood - and most importantly, a very happy and healthy baby boy

Five-month old Elijah and I, hanging out in Byron Bay, Australia.

Five-month old Elijah and I, hanging out in Byron Bay, Australia.